Blue Skies

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Blue Skies
Genre jazz
Taal EN
Maatsoort 4/4
Toonsoort C
Componist Irving Berlin
Door Jim Reeves

AmBlue skies G#+smilin' at Am7me
Am6Nothin' but Cblue skies G7do I Csee E7
AmBluebirds G#+singin' a songAm7
Am6Nothin' but Cbluebirds G7all day Clong.

  CI never saw the sun Fmshinin' so Cbright
  FmNever saw Cthings G7goin' so Cright
  Noticing the days Fmhurrying Cby
  FmWhen you're in Clove, G7my how they Cfly. E7

AmBlue days, G#+all of them Am7gone
Am6Nothin' but Cblue skies G7from now Con

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